Blood+ is a blood donation app designed as part of a collaboration between DIT and Deloitte digital. Deloitte digital gave us a brief to develop a digital product or service that will help a part of the Irish Health care system. We took this project on in groups of three over an intense four week period. After brainstorming the Irish healthcare system, we decided to focus on blood donation. During our research we discovered that blood supply levels had reached a critically low level during October. Based on this we felt that there was an urgent need to address this low supply of blood donations nationally.

The app uses three main areas to try and create a constant and consistent level of blood donations that can serve the countries need. These areas are the homepage, which allows the user to see current national blood levels, their own information, their next period of donation, as well as donation tables that helps to create a playful, competitive like attitude.

There is also a donation section where the user can quickly and easily book a donation at any clinic across the country, and find out if they are eligible to donate.

The final section of the app is a reward system that offers incentives such as free coffee from Starbucks, or free cinema tickets in exchange for their donation. This project was choosen as one of the winning projects presented to the Deloitte Digital team.


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