Silence is Deadly

As part of my Design for Print module I was set the task to either redesign a
magazine, showing the change through a single article. I decided that I wanted my
article to be a no bullshit discussion of abortion and the current law in Ireland. The article lays out the facts and the current situation surronding the issue and calls for an open, honest debate to be had between both sides of the argument.

I looked at current magazines on the market and decided where I would want my article to be placed. I choose to use the magazine NewsWeek. I choose NewsWeek as I felt this type of article is something that may actually be published in it.

For the redesign I decided to use Univers as my typeface as it wasn’t too far from the typeface currently in use by NewsWeek. I kept the type to three columns as it fitted nicely into the larger format. The overall redesign isn’t too far from their current style, as i didn’t want to alienate any of their current readers.


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